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The B-52 Restoration Project

The airplane is now considered complete with the added “U.S. Air Force” lettering on both sides of the plane.
Please thank your restoration and preservation team for their hard work on this project.


Featured Exhibit for August 2016
Indoor Exhibits - Korean War: The Travis Crash

Brigadier General Robert F. Travis
Brigadier General Robert F. Travis

In a matter of minutes, here comes the choppers, skids sparking, the crew frantically yelling “Get the patients off! We have a lot more.” Meanwhile, the enemy is still lobbing in mortars and 107 rockets to keep life interesting during this time. 

The Army’s 6th CC Hospital was about a mile or so from us and sappers ran through the wards with satchel charges and fired AK-47s at the patients as they were trying to crawl out of there!

The toll went something like 98 wounded, 2 killed from the Army and on the Air Force side, 2 wounded and 10 aircraft with battle damage.    More information...


The Cessna 02 restoration is a continuing work in progress with several new parts now installed.

Be sure to stop by and see our volunteers hard at work Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thank you to the following groups for giving your time this past month:

  • 60th MDG/SGCS (twice)
  • 660th AMXS
  • 6th and 9th Air Refueling Squadrons
  • 21st and 22nd Airlift Squadrons

Gift Shop News

Gift Shop
Gift Shop

We now have the following books in the gift shop signed by the authors available for sale:

  • Taong Labas novel by Ken Sayler
  • Calculated Risk Memoir by Jonna Doolittle Hoppes
  • Just Doing My Job by Jonna Doolittle Hoppes
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