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Open Cockpit Day

Featured Exhibit for September 2016
Indoor Exhibits - Modern Flight
(including the C-5 Procedural Cockpit Trainer)

C-5 pilot and co-pilot station
C-5 pilot and co-pilot station

C-5 engineer's panel
C-5 engineer's panel

The C-5 Galaxy has been an integral part of the Travis Air Base team since 1969. It is a worldwide workhorse for strategic airlift. Take a look inside a C-5.

Recently, On August 22, 2016, NOAA’s new GOES-R satellite was transported using a C5-5M, to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The satellite’s journey began in Denver. Mounted on a specialized semi-truck, it was loaded into the cargo hold of a U.S. Air Force C5-M Galaxy through the nose of the aircraft. At 31,000 feet, the C-5M was hauling 130,000 pounds of semi-truck, satellite and equipment, which brought the total aircraft weight to 740,000 pounds.

At Travis Air Force Base, the C-5 Procedural Trainer has been part of the curriculum for the on-going training of Air Force C-5 pilots.    More information...

August 30th:
Travis C-5M Delivers SBIRS GEO SATELLITE to Cape Canaveral
   Washington Post Article
   Travis AFB Article

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